Pace Development has proven by example that natural environments do not have to be sacrificed for great communities to be created.  Pace prides itself in developing and building projects that blend and complement the natural environments upon which each is created.  This embrace of land and natural preservation is one that the entire team at Pace prioritizes throughout every aspect of planning, design, engineering and construction. 

Our team does not take their responsibility of environmental preservation lightly. In every community created by our team we employ a vast variety of preservation techniques including tree preservation, wetland expansion, re-forestry, Best Management Practice design, storm water recovery systems and open space dedications. These efforts have not gone unnoticed -- Pace has received numerous accolades for our preservation efforts.  

Each Pace project not only offers a sense of "place" for our residents to live but also embraces the other senses of site, smell and sounds of nature.  Our communities are developed to allow current and future residents to embrace their natural surroundings through miles of greenways, natural preserves and tree saving.  Each preservation area also provides protection for the land's original "wildlife" neighborhood inhabitants as well.  We encourage any visitor to take a "walk in the woods" in any Pace community, past, present and future, and share in this experience.